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Summer Siege VI(2014)

June 21th- 22th, 2014

Bridge Battle

"A hard day of Siege deserves a return to the
local village for a rousing party!"
–– Lady Kaðlin

Harrowgate Heath is ready to fight and celebrate.
Are you ?

Summer Siege 2014 is again at John Wood's Farm, a specially made site for medival events and camping. The new site offers amenities for fighting lists, archery, throwing weapons, and outdoor cooking with shelters available. Summer Siege has again been selected for the Baronial Championships in Archery, Youth Armoured Combat(Boffer), and Thrown Weapons. We are looking for marshals who would like to run these events.

A Potluck Feast will be in Saturday evening.

All events can continue even in the rain!

The heavy clunks of combat.

For the Heavy Fighters

Marshal Lady Morag

Come out and and hunt for the after war feast. Hardy souls will venture into the wild woods to kill lions, tigers and bears. But be warned, there are rumours of dragons in the woods. Only the bravest fighters should attempt to secure our feast.

We would like some fighters to pre-register as our animals. Fighters will go into the woods and hunt the animals. One attempt per creature. If killed, the creature hands over a token. The fighter with the most tokens, wins the day. Animals rez at the end of every fight.

Dragon - five fighters, preferred one knight with squires
Wolf pack- about 6-7 fighters
Stag - Stag- single knight
Bear with cubs- three fighters
Wild Boar - two fighters
Badger - single fighter

Schedule outline: Inspections and Authorizations at 1100.

Two colourful fencers on the attack.

For the Fencers

Fencing Marshal – Lord Dafyd

Tourney #1 (dependent on number of combatants):Scavenger's defend thyself

It's after the siege, and the battlefield is littered with debris - that's when the scavengers come out. This is a mass melee, resurrection tournament. "Loot" will be scattered around the field, along with items that are not actually worth anything. Each fighter will have a designated "safe" zone where they can drop their "loot". This will also be their resurrection point. If a fighter is killed, they must drop any "loot" they are carrying and return to their resurrection point. Loot already in the fighter's safe zone remains. Round will run until all loot has been collected. Winner is the person who scavenged the most loot. We'll then reset and run again, until people get tired or stop having fun. Note: Loot will be pictures of various items stuck on cardboard. Some pictures will be valuable, others will not. They will be placed face down so the fighter won't know what they will find until they pick it up.

Tourney #2: Defend Your Stash

After you've collected your loot and stashed it away somewhere hidden, you're going to want to defend it from those trying to survive the aftermath of the battle. This will be a retained wounds bear pit with a twist. Each round will be to the death, winner remains on the list to face the next challenger. The first twist is that the winner must retain any wounds they take in each successive round until they lose. As an example, if I win the first fight but lose an arm, the next fight I still can't use that arm. If I win that round as well, but this time lose a leg, then the next round I start out with both a leg and an arm immobilized. This should help limit the times any one person holds the list for too long, but the other twist will make sure of that. What's more common the scavengers after a siege? That's right, the plague. The second twist will be that when each combatant enters the list, the marshal will secretly roll a die to determine how long that fighter has before they are struck down by the plague. Once you have fought the number of rounds equal to the die roll, you will be struck by the plague and will have to leave the list. The roll will be redone each time the fighter enters the list. The person with the most victories in the pit is the winner of the tourney.

A shot in the dark

For the Archers

Marshal Lord Cennédig(tentative)

Compete to become the next Baronial Archery Champion. The wand to prove your accuracy(a stake at some distance as often seen on Robin Hood movies), the Slot to zero in your distance(a horizontal wand), A Clout shoot (best average distance over three releases), and repel the raiders after our captured loot (timed shoots at mockups of Norse raider at various distances).

A royal hunt in the woods on Sunday morning to secure the next day's meal is planned.


Site Rules

Our new site is hosted at John Wood Farm near Kemptville in a purpose built medieval re-creationist site. This private site includes jousting and fighting lists, indoor and outdoor cooking areas and period looking shelters are available.

There is plentiful space, please bring as much presence as you can. Pennets, banners, tables, period tents, list posts, outdoor carpets or anything to make the site even more authentic!

Dogs are allowed on site. However, they must be well behaved and leashed at all times. This is a farm and there will be horses around. If someone can't control their dog they will be asked to remove the animal.

Child Tagging – Please note that children must wear a tag with an identification number. Guardians of minors shall be within voice or sight of their dependents at all times. A wrist strap will be handed out at Troll. This is required to comply with Corpora.

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